1 | Why does seethegood.com exist?

The site was created by a group of associates at Regions in an effort to share with others all the good things that are going on around us. There is so much good that exists. It just needs to be gathered and shared with others. There are good things going on at work, good things going on with our customers, and good things going on in the communities around us. We thought it would be refreshing to stop for a few minutes and read and learn about good stories happening in the world around us. We hope people will read the site and be energized, excited, inspired, and moved. And we hope it's viral, where people will want to share the good with their friends and family.

2 | Who are the people behind the See the Good site?

We are a collective group of associates from Regions from a variety of areas in the company. We are real employees with families who have hopes and dreams like everyone else. We love what we do and are passionate about our work. We are also passionate about good things around us that we see inside and outside the company. We strive to uplift, inspire, motivate, and enlighten through our efforts with this site.

3 | Where do the stories come from?

We are constantly on the hunt for good stories. Stories come from inside the company and from our customers and friends outside the company. Also, stories come from ideas generated from a group we call our editorial board. We brainstorm and share stories. Many stories come from fellow associates around the company. We also love to get stories from customers and from anyone that has a good story they want to share with us that will inspire and enlighten us all.

4 | How do you select stories you will feature?

There is a See the Good editorial board that continually reviews story ideas that have been submitted and researched. The team reviews the essence and message of the story and decides which stories are best for featuring on seethegood.com. We ask if the story inspires us, motivates us, enlightens us, and transforms us in some way. We like to feature stories that are as unique as possible.

5 | Can I share a story from the seethegood.com site with my friends and family?

If a story informs or inspires you, we encourage you to share it with anyone you wish. If you read a story that you want to share with someone, just click on the EMAIL button to share with someone, like a friend or family member, or click on the SHARE button and share it through the social media listed on our site.

6 | Do you collect personal information from visitors who visit seethegood.com or from visitors who email you?

If you share your email information with us by subscribing to seethegood.com or through sharing a story, we will keep the information confidential. No other personal information is collected or maintained from visitors to seethegood.com. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

7 | Can I subscribe and be notified when seethegood.com is updated?

Yes. We would love for you to be a subscriber to seethegood.com. Once you are a subscriber, we can inform you when the site has been updated with new stories. Subscribe by typing your email address in the SUBSCRIBE box on the home page and click the arrow.

8 | If I make a comment on a story or on seethegood.com in general, will it get posted?

We receive comments daily on stories as well as comments on our site. We review them all. We will make every effort to post comments. Many comments are very similar in nature, so we don't want to be repetitive. So if a comment is one that we think others will enjoy and be worthwhile, we will do our best to post it. For more information, please review our Guidelines for Comments below.

Guidelines for Comments

See the Good welcomes your participation on this site. Your comments and ideas are very much appreciated. This site is dedicated to the idea of sharing the good—positive and inspiring stories, activities, books, music, art, and events.

This is a moderated community and all comments are reviewed prior to posting. Seethegood.com wants to ensure that all conversations will be useful, informative, and respectful. Based on the following Guidelines for Comments, seethegood.com will not post comments that contain content in any of these categories:

  • COMMERCIALS OR SPAM. Any comment attempting to sell a product or service or direct traffic to another website for commercial or political purposes will not be posted.
  • ATTACK or DEMEAN. Any comments containing threats, personal attacks, or malicious or disrespectful language will not be posted.
  • OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. Comments that include profanity, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, or obscene or sexually explicit language will be excluded.
  • ILLEGAL. Laws with respect to the use of copyrights, trademarks, etc., will be observed.
  • PERSONAL OR CONFIDENTIAL. Any comments containing personal or confidential information will not be posted. Seethegood.com cannot accept comments from individuals under 13.
  • HTML or URLs. Comments in any format other than plain text will be rejected.

All comments made by participants on this site express only the views of the commenter alone, and are not endorsed by, or reflect the views or the official position of, Regions. STG has the right to update these guidelines at any time. The most up-to-date guidelines will be posted online.