Good Dogs

March 08 2013

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“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.”

                                                                      -- Will Rogers

Let’s face it. For many of us, dogs can bring us a touch of heaven themselves. They bring joy to our lives. To some of us, they are almost like our children. We love to play with them. We love to talk about them. We love to show them off. So at See The Good, we think it’s time to create a section just for our dogs. We’re calling it Good Dogs. Could there be a better title?

We want to hear about your good dog! After all, your dog is the best dog ever, right? The funniest dog? The cutest dog? The smartest dog? The weirdest dog? The most courageous dog? So tell us your dog’s tale, and send your favorite photo. We’ll post it on our gallery, and once a quarter, we’ll showcase one of our special Good Dogs.

So let us see the good—the good dog that is! (share your story and photo)


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  • This is great!

    Vivienne Talbert
  • Yes, dogs are great, but what about all of the cool cats that employees have? Lets be fair!!!

    wendy weathers pope
  • Yes, dogs are great, but what about all of the cool cats that employees have? Lets be fair!!!

    wendy weathers pope
  • I am so pleased to see the cards with dogs. You do a fantastic job with E-cards. Keep up the good work, and thanks for helping us to make it a better day for someone.

    vicky list
  • Love the animal focus here, but as a cat mom, I would love to hear from other cat parents about their purr-fect fur babies, too! Cats are awesome animals with unique personalities, and oftentimes they get a bad rap quite undeservedly.

    lisa s.
  • This makes me happy! How nice to see this when you're having a bad day.

  • This story was wounderful! My dog is the love of my life. Thanks for an uplifting second in my day.

    Timothy M Duba
  • All creatures pull some wonderful acts. Dolphin kissing cat. Cat helps dog stuck behind fence.

    linda Moore
  • Keno is the reason I am alive today. We lost our son 10 years ago. We bought Keno the following year. He knows when I am sad, happy, and just need a kiss. He is my protector and my life. Without him, I am nothing.

    Violet Robertson
  • Thank you for these cards; they really are good. You all do a fantastic job! Love the dog ones.

    Rosie Moore
  • I love animals, and I love these stories! Are you still doing the dog of the month? I don't see anything after October, so just wondering!

    Sarah Ruedrich
  • Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment. It is great to hear that you're enjoying the Good Dogs stories. And yes, we will continue to feature a special "Good Dog" story on See The Good. Although the frequency will of course depend on the nature of the stories we receive, we do plan to post our Good Dog stories as often as possible. Thanks again for visiting seethegood.com, and we hope you enjoy the story we just posted, Good Dogs Gallery--Issue 4! editor@seethegood.com

  • I LOVE MY DOGS. If I could bring them to work with me, I would. Good Dogs stories and photos make me feel so comforted! Thank you!

    Andrea Shiloh
  • You guys are fantastic. Pets of all sorts do matter. Thanks for all your GREAT stories. I applaud you and your staff. Vic

    Vicky List
  • Life without my dog, Faith, is no life at all. I love dog stories; it starts my day with a smile. Thank you for starting it off right with your pics and stories.

    Emily Gill
  • Yay, for See The Good. I am a dog lover from way back and really enjoy your stories about dogs. Please keep up the good work, and thanks for all you do. Vicky

    Vicky List
  • Dogs have always been a major (loving) part of my life. Regions Bank is doing it right with "good dogs." Keep it up, I'll be watching. Milt

    Milt in Murphy, Texas
  • Dogs have always been a major (loving part) of my life. Regions Banks are doing it right with "Good Dogs." Keep it up--I'll be watching.

    Milt in Murphy, Texas
  • Pierre is a very good friend; even though he is a dog, he seems more human. I wouldn't want to be without him. He is there for me when I'm not feeling good. Especially when my back is hurting, he gets behind me and lays in the lower part of my back to help ease the pain.

    Brenda Rodgers