• Mother's Day E-Cards

    Mother's Day E-Cards

    Happy Mother's Day from See The Good! Send a special E-Card as we celebrate and honor mothers for their selfless and irreplaceable contribution to our families and our lives. more

  • A Selfless Transformation

    A Selfless Transformation

    To understand Glenn Nash’s personality and the inspiring physical journey he has taken, one has to understand one thing. He will never walk away from a challenge—whether it’s for his own sake or, even more so, to help someone else. Read about Glenn’s selflessness as he takes on challenge after challenge in his life— from donating a kidney to his brother to transforming his own body while competing in honor of two very special children fighting serious diseases. He’s not only changed his own life for the better, he’s improved the lives of others, too. more

  • A Warm Welcome Home for a Veteran

    A Warm Welcome Home for a Veteran

    When decorated Air Force veteran, Staff Sergeant David Veros, returned home from combat, his transition back into “normal” life wasn’t easy. But through his inspiring story of transformative change and his work at the Wounded Warrior project, Veros has touched the lives of many military members and their families. Read about the very special day when Veros’ service was honored on the field at this year’s Georgia vs. Florida rivalry game, which included the surprise gift of a mortgage-free home that would change his family’s life. more

  • A Game Played for Good

    A Game Played for Good

    To say Gerald Watkins is a baseball fan is an understatement. For this Birmingham, Alabama, banker, the sport has always been more than a mere game, and he’s using this great American pastime as a means to help others. Read about Gerald’s childhood dream fulfilled as he played a game alongside New York Yankees legends to help raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s disease research. more

  • Good Dog of the Month: Trooper

    Good Dog of the Month: Trooper

    When Danielle Yancey of Birmingham, Alabama, saw a frail, neglected dog on the side of the road, she knew she had to help him. Countless veterinarian appointments, plenty of patience, and loads of loving compassion later, that pup that almost didn’t make it is now a happy, spunky, and loving companion. Read more about the very lucky “Trooper” and the lengths Danielle and her husband went to in order to bring him healing and happiness. more

  • A Small Act of Kindness

    A Small Act of Kindness

    You never know just how much a small act of kindness can mean at that right moment in a person's life. Sheryl Daigle, an associate of Regions, found this out firsthand when she gave a thoughtful gift to a customer who was facing a personal tragedy. Read about Sheryl's simple gesture that brought great joy to her customer and inspired her fellow associates to make a difference in their community. more

  • Becoming Super: Raising Up Young Heroes

    Becoming Super: Raising Up Young Heroes

    When a baby is diagnosed with a serious health condition or impairment, a parent’s world can feel absolutely turned upside down. Yet in spite of the initial shock and often long-term challenges, these parents seize hope and pride from the milestones their children often reach against the odds. At The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs in Homewood, Ala., children receive support in helping to reach those milestones every day. Read about the amazing work The Bell Center accomplishes for these young heroes and about the much-needed support it receives from the Regions Superhero 5k Run. more

  • Ali's Wonderland: A Mother's Determination to Help Children with Special Needs

    Ali's Wonderland: A Mother's Determination to Help Children with Special Needs

    After losing her seven-year-old daughter, Ali, to a rare condition known as Batten disease in September 2014, Donya Catlett was determined to do something positive to honor her child's memory. Read about Donya's efforts to bring a state-of-the-art, no-barriers playground to her Hot Springs, Arkansas, neighborhood that would allow for children with special needs to enjoy playing outdoors. more

  • Good Dogs Gallery Issue 8

    Good Dogs Gallery Issue 8

    Our readers have once again shared with us the stories and photos of their furry family members. These floppy puppies and stoic, old friends bring much joy to the lives of their owners, and we hope they brighten your day, too! more

  • The Comeback Kicker

    The Comeback Kicker

    Alan Moore must have made for an unusual sight, alone on a football field of a local school. Here he was a retired man kicking ball after ball down the field, aspiring for a college football career and a return to the game after a 40-year hiatus. more

  • Thankful Together: Family Thanksgiving Recipes

    Thankful Together: Family Thanksgiving Recipes

    Thanksgiving is a time of year when we gather with friends and family to remember and celebrate the good things in life. As with most great celebrations, at Thanksgiving we join together over the symbolic blessing of food. But, the recipes we enjoy at Thanksgiving are about more than just food. They are traditions, they are tokens of love, they are our stories, and they are symbols of generations, past and present, coming together with full, thankful hearts. We’ve collected our readers’ family-favorite Thanksgiving recipes and stories in the hope that we might share with you this spirit of thankfulness and gratitude this season. more

  • Two Sisters Honor a Band of Brothers

    Two Sisters Honor a Band of Brothers

    See The Good is inspired by the men and women of our armed forces who make such significant sacrifices in service to our nation. We are also inspired by those who go to great lengths to honor our country’s veterans, and the Honor Flight Network is one of those notable organizations. Read about two sisters, daughters of a World War II veteran, who volunteered their time to the Honor Flight in Columbia, South Carolina, and their unforgettable experiences escorting Korean War and WWII veterans to Washington, D.C., to receive the gratitude and praise they richly deserve. more

  • Selflessness Wins

    Selflessness Wins

    For James Kubiak, a disastrous accident at the age of 20 left him paralyzed, requiring a ventilator to breathe, and destined to living life in a nursing home. But when Brenda Anders came to volunteer at James' nursing home, a profound meeting between the two would change his life forever. Because of an utterly selfless act, James not only gained a friend in Brenda, but also a new family and a new life outside the nursing home. Read about James and Brenda's remarkable friendship, and how Brenda's inspiring decision changed both their lives for good. more

  • Crafting a Vision, Building for Life

    Crafting a Vision, Building for Life

    When young graduates leave high school and decide not to pursue higher education, many lack specific skills and training that are required for employment. Magic City Woodworks, a nonprofit apprenticeship program in Birmingham, Ala., is using the craft of woodworking as a vessel to train and equip the next generation of workers, community members, husbands, and fathers. Read about the visionary efforts of Magic City Woodworks and the relationships built while working toward common goals for a better life through woodworking. more

  • Exceptional Experiences for Exceptional People

    Exceptional Experiences for Exceptional People

    On a sweltering summer day in Birmingham, Alabama, a group of Regions associates set out to serve others, but instead, they found themselves receiving the VIP treatment. The group teamed up with The Exceptional Foundation—a nonprofit community and recreational center serving mentally and physically challenged individuals—to throw a “Wet ‘n’ Wild” carnival, and they were met with huge smiles and hugs from eager participants who couldn’t have been more excited to enjoy the day and make new friends. Read more about this fun-for-all event and about the inspiring work The Exceptional Foundation does to enrich lives and build relationships. more

  • Creative Aging

    Creative Aging

    Meryl Klein, founder of Creative Aging, has seen, first-hand, the life-enhancing power of the arts for people, both young and old. Through the efforts of the Creative Aging program, elderly individuals are having vibrant and joyful experiences with the arts. From stroke survivors finding their voice again in song, to dementia sufferers having lucidity in memory, if only momentarily during a stage performance, these moments of celebrating the arts are eliciting remarkable and inspiring responses from appreciative audiences. more